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For Conference Speakers

Thank you in advance for preparing a presentation to share your knowledge and experience with the Payroll Professionals attending the Wisconsin APA Statewide conference hosted by Greater Milwaukee APA at WBMI.  The speaker committee is excited for you to join us on September 20 and/or 21st. 


Bio and picture:  We want to learn more about you and hear your story.  Please send a short bio and picture which will be posted on our website and in the conference book.  Please send as soon as you can to    This can be sent separate from the handout and presentation. 


Handouts:  The attendees will receive a conference book with handouts.  Please provide your hand out by September 6th or sooner to provide us time to make copies.  Hope you understand if you cannot meet this date we ask that you make your own copies (3 hole punch) and bring them to the conference so we can distribute to all attendees.  We will provide more details closer to the date.


Presentation: Please provide your presentation (PPT) to by September 13th.   We will have a projector, lap top, and your presentation already loaded in each room.  If you have sound or need the internet please share in advance.     


More:  We would love for you to join us during the day and/or Thursday evening event.  We will provide you details on all the events so you can check your calendar.  Please see the section included on the website for hotels and directions to the location.  More information will be sent to you on specifics regarding your session room.  Thank you again for sharing your knowledge and experience and we look forward to seeing you at the conference. 

For Conference Attendees

Get ready for two packed days with valuable sessions, a lot of learning, and a chance to meet wonderful speakers and fellow Payroll Professionals.  We will be posting specific speakers, and sessions by July 27th.  Thank you for your patience.  The wait will be worth it!  Conference topics include –


*National American Payroll Association update

*State Update regarding Disability rules, ACA update, Tax changes, and Compliance guidelines.

*Department of Labor updates

*Ethics and Change Management

*Prevention of Overpaid Employment Taxes

*Multi State Taxation

*Be MOTIVATED and energized with fabulous speakers

*Tips for Audits and Best Practices

*Tools for Reconciliation using Excel

*Pay Card Facts

*Vendor Management

*How to handle deceased employees

*IRS update

*Direct Deposit rules 

And more…….

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