Officers and Committees

The officers of the GMCAPA for 2019-20 are:

President:                                   Cindy Cichosz, CPP

Vice President:                          Stephanie Jerge

Recording Secretary:                Mary Wittmann, CPP

Treasurer:                                    Andrea Hoettels, CPP

Membership Secretary:            Erica Umback, CPP

Government Liaison Officer:  Diane Saeger, CPP

Immediate Past President:       Annette Jones, CPP



President: Annette Jones, CPP
Vice President: Cindy Cichosz, CPP
Recording Secretary: Mary Wittmann, CPP
Treasurer: Andrea Hoettels, CPP
Membership Secretary: Erica Umbach, CPP (not pictured)

Government Liaison Officer (GLO): Stephanie Jerge

Immediate Past President: Michelle Ganzer, CPP

Past Officers List - coming soon!


Each committee provides an update to the Board meeting once a month to determine agenda items for the Chapter meeting. Each committee has the opportunity to provide updates to be posted on the Greater Milwaukee website as well as to the Newsletter / Public Relations Committee to be communicated to the National APA.

Hospitality / Welcome Committee

  • Greets Members at monthly meetings

  • Ensures in advance of the monthly meetings that all meal, beverage, and paper products will be available for the meeting.

  • The Welcome Committee organizes among the members the necessary menu items and paper products.


CPP / FPC Study Group Committee

  • Responsible for organizing the CPP/FPC study group

    • Volunteer teachers/Facilitators

    • Students

    • Locations

    • Dates for the Spring and Fall CPP/FPC Group.

  • Communicate with the National APA so materials could be received for the study group.

  • Follow up with the students who took the exam to find out how their experience went.

  • Report to National APA any necessary information in regards to the exam site.

  • Committee chair will maintain a list of participants who passed the exam to

    • Announce at the next monthly meeting

    • Provide to Webiste Committee to post on the Greater Milwaukee Website

    • Maintain names for the June meeting certificate presentation.


Educational Committee

  • Key role is to educate to the general public about the Greater Milwaukee Chapter, Payroll, and Tax issues.

  • Prepare communication for the chapter members about upcoming Educational seminars, conferences, or web-casts.

    • Provide to Website Committee to post on the Greater Milwaukee website

    • Communicate through the Membership Secretary to member via email.

  • Prepares communication pertaining to Educational Grants available for members to participate.

  • Nominate members that may be good candidates for receiving National Grants.

  • One committee member would also participate in the National Payroll Week committee to build on the educational role of National Payroll Week. 

    • Organizing an opportunity to speak at schools and vendor events.

    • Created flyers, which included educational information to be posted at public places.

  • Create or gather communications for the Chapter members on upcoming educational events outside of our Chapter.

  • Provide input to Chapter members on recommended reference guides & publications.


Membership Committee

  • Be a reference point for outside individuals that may be interested in joining our chapter.

  • Pursue opportunities to build our membership through mailings and vendor events.

  • Maintains the chapter benefit flyer and membership flyer to be used for distribution at events that perceptive members may attend.

  • Provide information for the Greater Milwaukee Website.


Statewide Conference Committee

  • Organizes the bi-annual statewide conference.

  • The committee has several subcommittees to tackle all aspects of the statewide conference.

  • Past conference materials are turned over to each new committee.

  • Prepare a flyer one year in advance of the conference to be distributed at the off-year Statewide Conference.

  • Provide information for the Greater Milwaukee Website.


Newsletter / Public Relations Committee

  • Prepare and collect articles for the member newsletter

  • Provide newsletter for the Greater Milwaukee Website

  • Provide articles for the National APA.

  • The chair of this committee would work closely with the Website Committee chairperson.


Community Involvement Committee

  • Organizes events within the Greater Milwaukee Chapter to benefit the community.

  • Research and present to the Board the event details.

    • Upon Board approval, the committee would prepare communication for the chapter members

    • Work directly with the non-for-profit organization.

    • Provide the Newsletter/Public Relations Committee a summary of the event with photos.

  • Provide infomation to Membership Secretary for addition to meeting agenda​

  • Provide information for the Greater Milwaukee Website​

Website Committee

  • Work to keep the Greater Milwaukee Website up to date.

  • Work with all committees, officers, and board members to receive information to be posted on the website.

  • Make suggestions to improve the website layout.

  • Annually submit entry to the National APA for the web site contest. 

  • Annually  contacts web sponsors for renewal.


NPW Committee

  • Organizes the annual National Payroll Week event for the Greater Milwaukee Chapter.

  • Committee has subcommittees to tackle all aspects of the event and communication.

  • One member of this committee would participate in the National APA conference call for National Payroll Week.

  • Prepares communication to the Chapter members on how to celebrate National Payroll Week within their companies.

  • Provide information for the Greater Milwaukee website.

  • Committee members from the Educational, Community, and Government Committees participate in this committee.

  • Collects members company National Payroll Week activities.

  • Annually submit entry to the National APA for the NPW Chapter Contest

  • Share photos for COTY commitee and Chapter Pictorial National APA Contests.


Chapter of the Year Organizing Committee

  • Annually submit entry to the Chapter of the Year questionnaire to National APA.

  • Collects information throughout the chapter year to prepare for the submission.

    • Each committee Chair provides documents or materials that would assist in this submission.


Chapter Pictorial Organizing Committee

  • Annually submit entry for the Chapter Pictorial to National APA.

  • Collect information throughout the Chapter year to prepare for the submission.

    • Each committee Chair provides documents or materials that would assist in this submission.

  • Provide information for the Greater Milwaukee website. ​


Government Liaison / Government Committee

  • Gather any legislative and regulatory changes/news.

  • Work with Membership Secretary to share information via email blasts

  • Communicate at each monthly meeting changes/news of interest to the members.

  • Work with government agencies for NPW proclamations.

  • Provide appropriate information for the NPW chapter contest submission.

  • Provide information for the Greater Milwaukee website.

By-Laws Committee

  • Review the by-laws of the Chapter to ensure they are in compliance with the requirements of both an affiliate of the National American Payroll Association, as well as the requirements for a 501(c)3 organization. 

  • Make recommendations to the Board and the general membership of changes to the by-laws. 

  • Ensure all notifications are sent out within the required time frame prior to any changes being adopted. 

  • Ensure that Chapter members and officers do not violate any by-laws.



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